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March 07, 2023 - Harrisburg, PA

Governor Josh Shapiro Unveils Commonsense Budget to Address the Issues Pennsylvania Faces (with graphics)

Governor Josh Shapiro presented his first budget to the people of Pennsylvania - sharing his vision for commonsense investments to make Pennsylvania communities safer and healthier, create real opportunity and build an economy that works for all, and ensure every child has access to a quality education. This budget is a set of real solutions to the most pressing issues Pennsylvania communities face.

"This budget is packed with commonsense solutions to the problems the people of Pennsylvania face every single day," said Governor Shapiro in his address to the General Assembly. "This budget lowers costs and cuts taxes for Pennsylvanians. It cuts red tape, speeds up permitting, and supports business. It strengthens our communities and makes them safer and more just. It protects our environment and invests in public health. And it starts the long process of making our education system more fair so that every child in this Commonwealth has a shot. The people of Pennsylvania have entrusted us with the responsibility to negotiate and come together. So instead of playing politics as usual, let's show the people that we are up to this task."